Coming in August: the ‘Personalized Learning Academy’!

I’ve yammered on about it for years, and it’s been the focus of the bulk of my career as an educator since 1988. I’m referring to Personalized Learning – that is, striving to truly see and hear each individual learner and support him or her in reaching their self-declared learning goals, whether they’re 6 or 16 or 66.

And now, at a time when I see mainstream education across North America finally grokking the immense potency of this approach to nurturing learning, I’m excited to relate a couple of pieces of news:

i. In the near future – August, hopefully – I am helping to launch the Personalized Learning Academy with the support of the (US-based) SelfDesign Foundation; initial development plans can be seen here: Personalized Learning Academy but know that our plans for the PLA are for it to offer leading-edge insights, course-ware, resources, and more for educators and administrators seeking to know more about PL and deepen their experiences of it, personally and professionally. IMO, the future of education will be defined by Personalized Learning.

ii. I am returning to school (!) myself in the fall, beginning a PhD in the faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University, with an eye to focus my research interests on the Personalized Learning. To my perception this is a field that has many facets worthy of deeper research and investigation, and I’m excited to move into this.

I convocated with an MA from Simon Fraser 20 years ago this spring – in 1997, at a time when the internet was just coming on-stream and the ‘world-wide web’ was in its ‘toddler’ stage. There was no social media, and it took about 18 hours to download a complete movie! I’m sure I’m going to feel a bit like Columbus setting off from the dock in Barcelona in1491, come September.

And, yes, I will keep posting updates here.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes

but in having new eyes.”

– Marcel Proust

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