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Global mess offers us a choice

A question: Is the (westernized) human race most akin to: a. boiling frogs unable to detect rising temperatures, and escape certain peril?b. a herd of deer transfixed in headlights of onrushing traffic and paralyzed in place?c. a drunk who thinks it best to stay intoxicated to avoid the discomfort of non-intoxicated reality?d. all three??? After […]

Education = Ecstasy? A worthy equation!

Happy New Year! When I wasn’t shoveling snow during the recent silly season I had a chance to read a book that I’d been hoping to read for a long time. Published in 1968, George B. Leonard’s ‘Education and Ecstasy’ is a tidy little book of under 250 pages, probably consigned to be shelved with […]

Hello and welcome to my Blog!

Hello!This blog is meant as a place to express and share BIG opinions on learning and education. What can you expect to read about here? Well, I have been working on the pioneering fringes of innovative, enthusiasm-based learning for many years, I’ve recently won a major award – a ‘2006 Prime Ministers Award for Educational […]