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Daydreaming classed as new disorder – April Fools! (not)

What do Einstein, Nobel prize-winning scientist Barbara McClintock and Sir Isaac Newton have in common, besides being extraordinary scientists? They were diligent daydreamers who intentionally dropped into a state of reverie to enhance their thinking and conceptualizing. And were they alive today, and attending a conventional school, they might be diagnosed with a newly-minted disorder: […]

From Piaget to … Sea Turtles

In the last couple of weeks I’ve caught up on some reading that can only happen when I take to the bath as part of a much-needed break. My first soak included a fascinating article in the December issue of Outdoor magazine that profiled how biologist Wallace Nichols is enlisting cognitive neuroscience in his advocacy […]

Re-conceptualizing the classroom

Just wanted to point readers toward an essay of mine in today’s Vancouver Sun newspaper, Op-Ed page. Read it here.The full title is Re-conceptualizing the classroom; New approaches to learning aided by technology will change how we deliver education. Basically, in the essay I profile the recently-launched ‘BC’s Education Plan’, the reaction from the BCTF, support from […]