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Back to School = Back to Stress?!

This past month, mainstream media has cranked up its ‘Back to School’ reporting, as per usual, concentrating for the most part on trite issues promoting consumerism. This is mainly a vehicle to sell advertising for B2S features. I suppose this exercise makes media editors and producers feel they are providing meaningful content but I think […]

Graduation 2009: from, to where?

The return of late-night drag-racing on my street and broken alcohol bottles on beaches tells me it’s that time of year again: graduation. Another orbit of the sun, another group of kids spilling out of local schools, many near-delirious with their new-found freedom and a view of the open-road called summer or life, with nary […]

Hello and welcome to my Blog!

Hello!This blog is meant as a place to express and share BIG opinions on learning and education. What can you expect to read about here? Well, I have been working on the pioneering fringes of innovative, enthusiasm-based learning for many years, I’ve recently won a major award – a ‘2006 Prime Ministers Award for Educational […]