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Now recruiting PhD research participants!

August 2021 – now recruiting PhD research participants I am now seeking 8 – 10 youth, ages 14 – 18 years, as participants for my PhD research. In my research I am neither testing nor creating theory, but exploring, via phenomenological methodology, learning experiences as they arise for, and engage students/youth. Such experiences may arise […]


Personalized Learning & Higher Education

I recently drafted a chapter on Personalized Learning and Higher Education for a forthcoming text book; below is the conclusion I wrote. Conclusions and Future Directions For decades, conventional, higher education pedagogical practice in higher education has been bound to a standardized, rationalized process, a product of the Enlightenment and its more recent handmaiden, neoliberalism. […]


‘Learning Your Way’ Pro-D course now available

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m leading a 4-part Pro-D certificate course for Educators, Caregivers, Counsellors and others, through the Trasnformative Learning Foundation, starting next Thursday Sept. 17th. See more details here: Learning Your Way Pro-D course with Michael Maser “The brain develops throughout life, following a trajectory that is broadly consistent for humans but it is also individualized […]


IMAGINATION Needed More Than Ever in Education Re-Start

For the foreseeable future, schooling as people have understood it for decades, is furloughed. That means, for administrators, teachers, parents and students, what they had come to understand as educational practice – excepting last spring – is being replaced by something different.  Realistically, the health risks from large-scale gatherings facing every person entering a school […]