Completed ‘Mindsight’ courses with Dr. Daniel Siegel

This past week I received a certificate of completion for the four “Mindsight” courses I completed with Dr. Daniel Siegel in the past year.

Daniel is doing amazing work in the field of “Interpersonal Neurobiology” (IPNB) that he helped launch several years ago through the “Mindsight Insight” of UCLA to help remake Psychiatry as a therapeutic profession with far less emphasis on the prescription pad than for which it has become known.

Perhaps you’ve had the benefit of encountering Dan’s work; I highly recommend all of his 6 text books (my fav being “The Mindful Therapist”), his TED talks, and other presentations that you’d find at his website.

What truly resonated for me in this course work was the insights from IPNB that strongly support the impetus of Personalized Learning and the orientation to supporting the whole person that I and my colleagues have pioneered in SelfDesign Learning.

Go Dan go!

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