Educating for Social Responsibility

• Below is my post to Educational Leadership journal in response to three questions posed about ‘Educating for Social Responsibility’, the theme of its May issue. – MM Educational Leadership journalEL: What role should schools play in helping students develop a sense of social responsibility? My response: Schools, and teachers in particular, need to disavow […]

Society communicates poorly on educational values

I listened raptly to CBC’s ‘Cross Country Checkup’ yesterday afternoon, a 2-hour phone-in show discussing a report released last week in Ontario in which University and College faculty opine that a majority of first-year students are poorly prepared. Specifically, the students are thought to be showing (widespread) declining writing, researching and numeracy skills, and generally […]

Global mess offers us a choice

A question: Is the (westernized) human race most akin to: a. boiling frogs unable to detect rising temperatures, and escape certain peril?b. a herd of deer transfixed in headlights of onrushing traffic and paralyzed in place?c. a drunk who thinks it best to stay intoxicated to avoid the discomfort of non-intoxicated reality?d. all three??? After […]

Education = Ecstasy? A worthy equation!

Happy New Year! When I wasn’t shoveling snow during the recent silly season I had a chance to read a book that I’d been hoping to read for a long time. Published in 1968, George B. Leonard’s ‘Education and Ecstasy’ is a tidy little book of under 250 pages, probably consigned to be shelved with […]

Nurturing Self-Responsible learning – Obviously Important

Under the theme ’Giving Students Ownership of Learning’ the November issue of ‘Educational Leadership’, a leading journal for educators and school administrators, serves up many profiles of innovative programs and approaches to nurturing self-responsible learning. Self-responsible learning, according to the lead editorial, is one of the golden keys – post-high school – to college, citizenship […]

‘Learning’ AWOL in schooling discussions

Well it’s Labour Day weekend, and many neurons and conversations are focused on Tuesday’s return to school for many millions of kids across North America. For some kids, tomorrow can’t come soon enough – they enjoy schooling and thrive in its environment. I’m delighted for them. For many more though tomorrow is not a joyful […]

‘Garbage Warrior’ thesis applicable to Education

The most compelling documentary I have viewed this year by a long shot is ‘Garbage Warrior’, profiling the remarkable career of maverick architect Michael Reynolds. Reynolds has long staked out a niche creating architectural designs incorporating various things the rest of the western world considers disposable, like tires, aluminum cans and discarded glassware. Living atop […]

Make lemonade with FSA Lemons

(Vancouver Sun; published May 20th) I agree with many of the criticisms of FSA testing made by BCTF president Irene Lanzinger. I am an experienced (Independent school) administrator of the tests and I concur that the style and substance of these tests is highly flawed. Accordingly, drawing conclusions about a child’s intelligence let alone a […]