New Paper on Personalized Learning in Holistic Ed. Review

The link below will connect to a paper of mine recently published in the Holistic Education Review, Fall 2021 issue.

The paper, Evaluating Personal Ecolography surveying to help personalize learning – is based on a 2020 – 2021 MITACS-sponsored research project I completed. This research was helped along by 18 participants – all professional, practising educators – who contributed their reflections and ideas about the (three) Personal Ecolography survey instruments I created and implemented from about 2006 – 2017.

All the participants valued the survey instruments and believed they contribute to helping personalize learning for students.

I am very appreciative to all the research participants.

If you would like a copy of the Personal Ecolography survey instruments (collated in one file) please contact me: mmaser @ and I’ll send it along.

Evaluating Personal Ecolgraphy surveying to help personalize learning, by Michael Maser

Paper Abstract:

Personalized learning is increasingly being adopted across North America. Grounded in multiple intelligence theory, holistic learning theory, whole-child development theory, and other domains, personalized learning requires, first, that educators perceive their students as unique individuals and discover, through inquiry, how their students are unique. Following this inquiry, educators modify or adapt their pedagogical approach to better support individual students’ learning in service of curriculum goals or individual aspirations. The Principal Investigator of this paper–a career educator–has created a suite of three Personal Ecolography survey instruments to help educators deepen awareness of students’ learning backgrounds and subsequently better personalize learning. The research herein is based on a questionnaire eliciting feedback from educators about the perceived value and efficacy of the instruments. Results confirm a favourable response and recommendations for future use.

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