Re-conceptualizing the classroom

Just wanted to point readers toward an essay of mine in today’s Vancouver Sun newspaper, Op-Ed page. Read it here.

The full title is Re-conceptualizing the classroom; New approaches to learning aided by technology will change how we deliver education

Basically, in the essay I profile the recently-launched ‘BC’s Education Plan’, the reaction from the BCTF, support from others, and a sense of deja-vu in comparing the BCEP and the Year 2000 plan of a generation ago.

Here’s an excerpt:
The genesis for BC’s Education Plan appears to have arisen from education’s main clients: students. Based on a report to emerge last spring from a representative gathering known as the “BC Student Voice,” their opinions are consistent and clear.
In Learning in the 21st Century, students wrote that they favoured expanding the role of technology as “a seamless extension of what they are already doing,” and “education individually catered to each person.”
Overall, they seem comfortable about a significantly modified version of schooling, reporting a “need for education to be less rigid,” and that “the concept of students as a homogeneous group sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher present material is outdated.”

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