Shortage of Male Teachers? Here’s another reason …

CBC’s ‘The Current‘ (radio) show aired a feature today focusing on the reasons why there are shortages of male teachers in (Ontario) schools and why enrolment by males in teacher training faculties is declining. 

The panel interviewed by the show’s host talked about some potential for males to be profiled and suspected of pedophilia as a reason for the absence of males going into teaching, and other subsidiary reasons, too. 

To me, they sidestepped or didn’t even consider an elephant in the room – that conventional teaching is predominantly based on an archaic model that … has very little appeal! Below is the letter I sent to The Current by way of response: 

“I just listened to your clip focusing on a male teacher shortage. One important aspect of this issue that wasn’t brought up is the lack of attraction (i.e. repulsion) for something – in this case the education system – that continues to model a system designed 150 years ago. 

“The education system model we continue to live with is long past its ‘best before’ date but it continues to exist because of vested-interest entrenchment. I’m a 25+ year, award-winning, career, male educator who helped create a very innovative education model in BC. From my side of the fence I see just how antiquated and outmoded the present education system is, despite the lofty rhetoric that sticks to it through thick and thin. 

“For young males seeking an exciting career, choosing teaching is akin to choosing blacksmithing and designing new candle holders – i.e. attractive to very few. Add to it the other reasons you also mentioned and choosing to be an educator is a non-starter for most males.”

– Michael Maser
SelfDesign Learning (online school, BC) 

Can you feel your excitement rising to choose 
this as a profession? 

This unfortunate and undesirable situation doesn’t need to be the case. But enrolments of males in teacher colleges and K-12 teaching is likely to stay in decline until there is a serious re-think and makeover of the education system. 

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