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‘Learning Anywhere Any Way’ era is here – Let’s Seize the Day!

As we turn a page into a new school year, it’s worth considering just how remarkable this time is for nurturing formal and informal learning in children, youth and, well, anyone. Think of it: in community centres, clubs, studios, workshops, the internet, living rooms, parks and classrooms, learning opportunities have never been more plentiful. Whether someone […]

Presentations & Workshops for School District 78 on PL

I’m now teed up for a keynote presentation and follow-up workshops with School District 78 (Fraser-Cascade), focused on implementing Personalized Learning in the SD 78 schools. I’m very excited about this; I’m convinced PL is an important wave of the future. To quote Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman from his recent (spring 2013) book, Ungifted, Intelligence […]