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The leaning tower of PISA (testing)

Among top news items last week, prior to being eclipsed by the death of Nelson Mandela, was the release of the most recent PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) testing results. If you want to learn more about PISA you might check here, but, in a nutshell, PISA tests are  for 15-year old international students […]

Presentations & Workshops for School District 78 on PL

I’m now teed up for a keynote presentation and follow-up workshops with School District 78 (Fraser-Cascade), focused on implementing Personalized Learning in the SD 78 schools. I’m very excited about this; I’m convinced PL is an important wave of the future. To quote Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman from his recent (spring 2013) book, Ungifted, Intelligence […]