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Help Make 2014 a ‘Year of Learning Dangerously’ – and how

Memo from the “Creating Our Best Future” Dept.:  As a learning innovator I see widely divergent gestures toward the nurturing of learning across education, gestures that have significant implications throughout society. And in scanning the education landscape my emotions in the past year swung from arm-pumping enthusiasm to head-shaking discouragement. With this in mind and […]

Presentations & Workshops for School District 78 on PL

I’m now teed up for a keynote presentation and follow-up workshops with School District 78 (Fraser-Cascade), focused on implementing Personalized Learning in the SD 78 schools. I’m very excited about this; I’m convinced PL is an important wave of the future. To quote Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman from his recent (spring 2013) book, Ungifted, Intelligence […]