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New ‘Learn Your Way’ column in Prison Math Newsletter (issue #7)

The new newsletter of the (US-based) Prison Math Project is now published, featuring my second ‘Learn Your Way’ column as a contributing writer-educator. In this column I ‘unpack’ the learning strategies that helped PMP founder and inmate Christopher Havens as he engaged with mathematics while in solitary confinement (AKA ‘the hole’) and subsequently changed his […]

Link to my PhD dissertation – fyi

Here is a link to my PhD dissertation now uploaded to the Simon Fraser University thesis repository: ‘Insight-out: A phenomenological exploration of the nature and appearance of learning’ Below are a couple of pics from my convocation event at Simon Fraser University in early October. I enjoyed being (bag)piped into the ceremony and the First […]

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My race is run … and won!

It has come to pass. After six years – including personal challenges and a global pandemic (!) – I have successfully completed and defended my PhD at Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada. I’m still in a bit of shock (the good kind) and very grateful to be savouring life on the ‘other side of the […]


My PhD defence – Aug. 22nd!

It’s happening – I’m now scheduled to defend my PhD research dissertation on Tuesday August 22nd, starting at 9 am (PST). Yay! It’s taken a lot of work to get here and I endured some epic challenges along the way: major health injury and surgery, Covid pandemic, other personal-family issues, and still I completed it! […]


‘The Myth of Normal’ (podcast) … embracing neurodiversity

I highly recommend The Myth of Normal – CBC ‘Ideas’ podcast – a 2-part series on CBC’s ‘Ideas’ that includes many insights from authors I reference in my ‘Neurobiology and Learning‘ course in Antioch University’s Individual Masters Program (online): Temple Grandin, Gabor Maté, Thomas Armstrong, and others talking about the need for accepting and expanding […]


Revisiting the Brilliant Insights of John Holt

In crafting a literature review for my PhD dissertation on the subject of learning, certain researchers and authors jumped out at me. I was fascinated to know about Frederick Winslow Taylor and his theory of ‘scientific management’ that girded the automation of modern education. ‘Taylorism’, as it was known, forged the way for standardized curricula, […]


AERO Conf. Presentation on Brent Cameron

In late June, at this year’s AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organization), I gave a presentation on my late colleague, friend and mentor, Brent Cameron, who passed in 2012. Yes, it’s been ten years since Brent passed, but I continue to admire his many contributions to education – especially alternative education – and I think he’s […]