Brain Awareness Month for you … and me!

March is Brain Awareness month. So, I’ll do my part. Do you know …

– the human brain is now considered the most complex system in the known universe, by neurologists.
– there are more neurons (brain cells) in a cubic cm of a typical adult brain than there are stars in the Milky Way.
– ‘Neuroplasticity’ – the potential for the human brain to adapt and grow, at every stage of our lives, depends on our brain fitness, which is enhanced by diet, ambient environmental conditions (exposure to toxins, etc.), sleep, exercise (especially aerobic activity), and ‘Mindfulness’ practice 
– Mindfulness’ practice – our ability to be aware of our awareness and direct our thoughts – influences brain development, and is linked to meditation practices dating back more than a thousand years 
– Prolonged exposure to stress is harmful to brain development, while a little stress is essential for optimal brain development
– Peaceful living, compassion and attaining emotional balance are considered the plateau of human neurological wellness
– Just like snowflakes, no two brains are alike! All our brains, and thus our minds and emotional lives, are unique. Vive le différence! 

Pass it on, this is good news, All the best, Michael.

Oh, and please pass on this: on Sat. Mar 31, 2 pm, I am giving a free presentation, ‘Learning Your Way!’ at the Gibsons public library. Hope to see you there.

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