Busy fall – talks, conferences, etc.

This has been a super-busy fall for me – beginning with helping launch another learning year – our 13th! – in SelfDesign, and extending to attending the Holistic Learning conference in Ashland Oregon, leading a couple of SelfDesign retreat-workshops for learners and families and giving various presentations.


This coming week I’m excited to be attending the DisruptEd conference in Vancouver (link here), where I’ll be giving a talk about SelfDesign on Friday. DisruptEd is being organized by the Canadian Coalition of Self-Directed Learning schools, to which SelfDesign is applying for membership. I’m really interested to make some new acquaintances in the CCSDL; to my perception Personalizing Learning – in which Self-Directed Learning plays such a significant role – is THE most important trend in education today.

As part of my talk on SelfDesign I’ll be releasing an advocacy paper on SelfDesign that will outline 8 different aspects of SelfDesign and SelfDesigning and identify some of our future directions.

Maybe I’ll see you there!  Cheers and Happy Autumn.

ps – the BC education dispute (strike) ended a couple of weeks ago with a negotiated settlement between government and the teachers union. Unfortunately, not once did I hear the notion of schooling being questioned or the issue of how learning – reflecting new insights from the leading edge of science – might help to frame an entirely new notion of education. Mainly I’m disappointed at the lack of skill and knowledge on the part of media pundits who only seemed interested in fomenting  dissension in discussion between the parties. I will speak into this subject at a later date.


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