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“It’s time to Support Personalized Learning” (essay)

Self-Directed Learning expert Dr. Maurice Gibbons (emeritus professor, Simon Fraser University, Faculty of Education), has posted an essay of mine on his stellar website. Titled, “It’s Time to Support Personalized Learning,” (found here), the essay provides a sound and research-grounded basis for supporting PL in K-12 learning programs and schools. I’ve covered some of the […]

From Piaget to … Sea Turtles

In the last couple of weeks I’ve caught up on some reading that can only happen when I take to the bath as part of a much-needed break. My first soak included a fascinating article in the December issue of Outdoor magazine that profiled how biologist Wallace Nichols is enlisting cognitive neuroscience in his advocacy […]

Nurturing Self-Responsible learning – Obviously Important

Under the theme ’Giving Students Ownership of Learning’ the November issue of ‘Educational Leadership’, a leading journal for educators and school administrators, serves up many profiles of innovative programs and approaches to nurturing self-responsible learning. Self-responsible learning, according to the lead editorial, is one of the golden keys – post-high school – to college, citizenship […]