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About Learn Your Way! book



Learn Your Way! offers strategic guidance and insights to help anyone – but especially young people, 15-25 years – enhance their self-empowerment and meet challenges they face.

‘Wherever’ you’re at in your life, this book has something for you. It includes insights and strategies to help you if you are feeling stuck or, if you are feeling on a positive roll, to give you extra momentum. It’s a good fit for these current times which are characterized by some beguiling challenges and impediments to optimizing learning and human potential – and too often that’s your learning and your potential. Get unstuck now – Learn Your Way!


Youth (14-25 years), Parents, Educators, Youth Counselors, Coaches and ‘SelfDesigners’ of all ages.


New insights from neurology, psychology and sociology research as well as from leading-edge empowerment practitioners and organizations like SelfDesign, point the way to a new learning future that is very different from the present one which has exceeded its “best-before” date. Young people, 14-25 years deserve the opportunity of exploring this new learning frontier and incorporating new practices of self-empowerment into their lives. Learn Your Way!will help them achieve this and also meet the unique challenges they face today and in the future.


A more evolved approach to learning

“Learn Your Way is terrific – full of great material, well written and spiced with humour. I enjoyed it and found new ideas in it.”

– Dr. Maurice Gibbons, PhD, Professor Emeritus, SFU; author: The Self-Directed Learning Handbook

“Learn Your Way is a valuable resource for students, parents, and educators who wish to align themselves with a more evolved approach to learning.”

– Dr. Rahul Gupta, MD

Guidance for self-empowerment

“Learn Your Way provides, in very accessible language, helpful guidance for young people and many others, too, to lead lives of personal empowerment. This book is also a welcome addition for the clinician, counselor and parent seeking insights to engage with youth on issues that may be blocking them from optimizing their personal resourcefulness. Congratulations!”

– Dr. Lee Pulos, author, psychologist, hypnotherapy pioneer

“I received your book, thank you! I like it, and have put it in my therapy office as a resource for clients. You are doing great things.”

– Dr. Rick Hanson, author, Buddha’s Brain

“Learn Your Way is a great testimony to the power of the human spirit about how we can learn and grow.”

– David Roche, author, The Church of 80% Sincerity

“I am blown away at how beautifully you have synthesized ideas and philosopies that I have embraced over the years into one book! This should be required reading for every teen and adult! We really need to have this material in mainstream schools.”

– Violette Clark, Purple Juice creativity workshops, author, Journal Bliss

“What I read in Learn Your Way has given me peace of mind towards learning and a lot of confidence. Because I was taught a new way to learn, I changed my life. Thank you.
LYW is the new ‘Napoleon Hill’.”
– Derek St. Onge, student, 17

“What a great, fresh tone the book has! There’s so much young people need to know, and I think you chose a good selection for them to start their journey.”

– Cimarron Ballantyne, student, Capilano University, 22

“As a psychotherapist who has worked with teens and young adults in many different settings, I am finding “Learn Your Way” to be a veritable gem. It is a book that speaks to the existential heart of the issue central to one’s personal journey: how to choose, follow, and sustain one’s own life path in the face of daunting obstacles — cultural strictures and early conditioning, the internalization of “voices of authority” (that often conflict with one’s personal experiences, insights, and inclinations), and peer pressures, to name but a few.”

– Jan Michael Sherman, former registered therapist, British Columbia

“If you are one who has felt let down in school, this book is for you. Author Michael Maser knows that our education system fails to meet the needs of many students. Based on his many years of experience working with young people, he offers a practical approach to helping you develop your own strengths, learn your own way and live your own dreams.”

– Pam Proctor, retired teacher, author, Honouring the Child; Ways of Teaching


Learn Your Way is an approved school text

Learn Your Way! is approved by ERAC (Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium; with many commendations as a school text for middle and high school career planning and health education courses in British Columbia. Some highlights from the evaluation report: Learn Your Way is “extensively engaging” and “timely and important for student understanding.”


Book Pricing & Availability

For pdf copy, order online, contact michaelrmaser @

  • PDF version: $7.00   — The pdf version of Learn Your Way! looks and navigates great on computer screens and e-readers. Please respect copyright and do not forward copies of this file beyond your own personal use (think Golden Rule).
  • Paper copy – DISCONTINUED — shipping rates for the book via Canada Post are exorbitant, so LYW is now distributed as a pdf.

Onsite  – at book readings, presentations

  • Paper copy $10


Publishing & Marketing Details

Cataloguing Information : ISBN 978-0-9812636-1-8

Publisher: SelfDesign Learning Systems Inc.

Mock-up: Patty Osborne, Vancouver Desktop Publishing

Covers:  Tim McLaughlin

Editing: Heather Conn Writing Services (Roberts Creek, BC)

Printing: Ray Hignell Services Inc. (Winnipeg, MB)

Many additional thanks to Pam Proctor, Dr. Rahul Gupta, David Roche, Robin Maser, Dr. Daniel Janik, and many of my SelfDesigning colleagues. I am also grateful to Creative Commons and the many artists who shared images via Creative Commons licenses, many of which were used in this book.