Fall launch of new learning year & research projects

I’m always excited with the launch of a new school year, and this year is no different. I’m delighted to be helping to launch our 12th year in  SelfDesign (www.selfdesign.org) that has enrolled close to 2,000 learners! and also to begin an exciting research project.

The principal areas of research I will be investigating will be reviewing literature on assessing qualitative learning, as well as deepening my understanding about the various iterations of Personalized Learning (from Unschooling through Child-Centred Learning and Differentiated Learning / Instruction), and also preparing and conducting longitudinal research in our SelfDesign community. IF YOU ARE KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT  AN ASPECT OF THIS RESEARCH I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE HEARING FROM YOU – THANKS!!

BTW, I’ve been active in my Blog: Learning Your Way. Check it out!

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