For Robin Wheeler: Viva! Auto-Didacts; They deserve more respect, recognition

This week the community where I and my family live is mourning the loss of a vital woman, Robin Wheeler, who died recently from cancer. 
Inspiring mentor, dear friend and author (two books, New Society Publishers), Robin sparked at least six projects in the past dozen years that turned into major works of creation on our Sunshine Coast from launching a ‘sustainable arts’ school to ‘Seedy Saturday’ to a farmer’s market. Each one touched dozens of others and fired countless mini-projects, including in our household.
She was a pioneer herself who turned an unimpressive swatch of raw land into a model, working garden, driven by a ‘can-do’ attitude and sprite-ful spirit. 
And Robin was something else, too, that I noticed: she was an ‘auto-didact’. She taught herself everything she wanted or needed to know. Oh, she had lots of helpful guidance from others on many things from building construction to home repair to speaking to groups. But she never let the thought that she lacked formal education certification in anything stop her from dreaming big and launching projects. 
It’s a model for learning and leading a prosperous life that deserves more respect and recognition. 
It was one more gift from an inspiring fellow traveler, and one that I promise to you, Robin, I will pass on.

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