Global mess offers us a choice

A question: Is the (westernized) human race most akin to:

a. boiling frogs unable to detect rising temperatures, and escape certain peril?
b. a herd of deer transfixed in headlights of onrushing traffic and paralyzed in place?
c. a drunk who thinks it best to stay intoxicated to avoid the discomfort of non-intoxicated reality?
d. all three???

After consuming months of dribbling commentary on the collective global economic mess – which is less defined by economics than it is by the converging issues of economic malpractice, widespread greed (‘avarice’ is too kind) and … a gelid despotism that has come to inhabit most of our bureaucracies now influenced by too many neo-conservative think-tanks, I’m thinking d. is most likely the correct answer.

That’s a mouthful for sure, but I’m sick of hearing of glib governmental measures to address the most pressing cyanotic economic-social-environmental AND EDUCATIONAL issues of our time. In too many instances we’re the frog, the deer and the drunk dodging calamities and stumbling along on the backs of a 2-5 year plans that capitalize on political expediency and shortchange human capital.

I think we have a choice: we can keep reveling in the carcinogenic, soul-numbing tailgate party and choke down fistfuls of hangover-relieving meds afterwards, lying about the good time we didn’t have and denying that we-in-the-western-world need to grow up, or we can alter course and co-inspire a pan-cultural, sumptuous and soul-satisfying (renewable) feast that keeps getting richer, more nutritious with passing seasons. 

My reality-of-choice is the latter, in which we recognize what is good and wise and true in all people, starting with our children, and we continually nourish each other and then share in the rewards of the harvest. In this reality there’s no educational hamster-wheel forcing children and young people to cycle through pointless standardized tests or mind-numbing curricula divorced from reality, no counselors spinning whoppers about how the only way to a prosperous and satisfying life is through school grades. It’s a place where educators are knowledgeable about, and support research insights from Multiple Intelligences, Holistic Learning, Brain-Based learning and Positive Psychology. This reality encourages children and young people to engage and actively participate in the affairs of their own communities and, finally, it’s a place where REAL educational leadership is shown by elected officials, and school or university board members in promoting “deep learning about the most pressing issues facing us”. 

I don’t think anything else is worth the effort.

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