‘Learning Your Way’ Pro-D course now available

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m leading a 4-part Pro-D certificate course for Educators, Caregivers, Counsellors and others, through the Trasnformative Learning Foundation, starting next Thursday Sept. 17th. See more details here: Learning Your Way Pro-D course with Michael Maser “The brain develops throughout life, following a trajectory that is broadly consistent for humans but it is also individualized […]


IMAGINATION Needed More Than Ever in Education Re-Start

For the foreseeable future, schooling as people have understood it for decades, is furloughed. That means, for administrators, teachers, parents and students, what they had come to understand as educational practice – excepting last spring – is being replaced by something different.  Realistically, the health risks from large-scale gatherings facing every person entering a school […]


Has Education’s ‘Disruptive’ Moment Arrived?

Since its inception in the late 1800s, mainstream education has proved remarkably fortified against any significant ‘disruption’ that might transform or revolutionize the main characteristics by which most people would recognize and experience it. Significant ‘disruptions’ in other fields include the development of the microscope in natural science, leading to numerous discoveries about all things […]

In personalizing learning we seek to imagine the best attributes of each learner

In an era of personalizing learning it’s important for educators to consider what, or rather, who is the person being referenced, being conjured up. This is rooted in one or other of a two-part process: i. the first arises in conceptualizing a person-not-yet-met, not-yet-experienced; by necessity, this person is invoked through imagination, and perhaps on […]

Personalized Learning Seeping into Post-Secondary Education

Personalizing learning is clearly making strategic inroads into K-12 education and especially across the US and in British Columbia, where dedicated educators and administrators are leading the way, helped along by supportive government ministries, organizations, students and parents. Should you seek confirmation on this, and its benefits, look no further than ‘Voyager Weekly’ magazine (online), […]

BC’s ‘New Curriculum’ Missing the Mark on Personalizing Learning

Personalized Learning (PL) is identified as a priority ‘Highlight’? of ‘BC’s New Curriculum‘, but the reality is that PL is nearly totally absent in the new curricula, basically stuffed in a drawer where it may well whither into oblivion for all grade levels. Why this is so reflects political retrenchment, pedagogical confusion and a missed opportunity, […]