Personalized Learning Seeping into Post-Secondary Education

Personalizing learning is clearly making strategic inroads into K-12 education and especially across the US and in British Columbia, where dedicated educators and administrators are leading the way, helped along by supportive government ministries, organizations, students and parents. Should you seek confirmation on this, and its benefits, look no further than ‘Voyager Weekly’ magazine (online), […]

BC’s ‘New Curriculum’ Missing the Mark on Personalizing Learning

Personalized Learning (PL) is identified as a priority ‘Highlight’? of ‘BC’s New Curriculum‘, but the reality is that PL is nearly totally absent in the new curricula, basically stuffed in a drawer where it may well whither into oblivion for all grade levels. Why this is so reflects political retrenchment, pedagogical confusion and a missed opportunity, […]


Path Ahead in Education Lies in Perceiving and Nurturing Personal Genius

“Our inborn genius is our innate and indelible connection to the otherworld of great imagination, original thought, and endless renewal.” – Michael Meade, ‘The Genius Myth’ This month and next marks the launch of two new, personal courses I’m leading through ‘Outschool’ is a really interesting initiative offering a wide-ranging marketplace of online classes for […]

‘Here-and-Now’ Emergent Learning as Important as any Future-Driven Curricula

Educational conversations are often dominated by opinions about what shape education should take based on future speculations. Social media, trade show flyers and school bulletin boards are filled with fiery prognostications about the future and how schooling should be canted to leverage this presaged event. While this forecasting may be compelling, we know, or we […]

Make mine a double: Neuroplasticity & Neurodiversity

We live in a remarkably exciting time, when leading scientific research has verified the existence of Neuroplasticity, identified as a natural potential for our neurological or mental lives to change over time, and lifelong.  This is a breakthrough because until recently it was believed that our neurology – our brains – were ‘hard-wired’ by the […]