Now Teaching at SelfDesign Graduate Institute

I am now co-leading the SelfDesign 500 course with (longtime colleague) River Meyer at the first SelfDesign Residency program, beginning August 12th. It’s going to be a great course-workshop and I’m really looking forward to it.

I am also a faculty member with the Institute offering “Learning Our Way“.

Here is a Course Description:

Emerging from the frontiers of science, therapeutic practice and the coaching profession are exciting new concepts of brain development, “intelligence” and basic (yet important) processes reflecting much greater understanding of what it means to be human and, thus, to learn or nurture learning in others. These new insights have very important implications for learning across all cultural and ability spectrums, as well as challenging many previous assumptions and learning, intelligence and ability. In Learning Our Way we’ll explore the new developments listed below and discuss what they mean for learners and learning futures:
I. Brain Gain – New insights bring promise of new brain powers – recent insights from neurobiology
II. Think Up! An exploration of leading-edge insights and practices from cognitive and positive psychology, as well as neurolinguistics, will help circumscribe new empowering modes of awareness and meta-cognition
III. Multiple Intelligences: How you are smart – insights from the frontiers of MI
IV. Head to toe, in between and beyond – insights from energy psychology, biology, “HeartMath”, spirituality and play therapy
V. Engagé! An opportunity for students to extrapolate course insights to their lives and professional interests

For more information about the SelfDesign Graduate Institute, which offers Masters degrees, see here.

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