Path Ahead in Education Lies in Perceiving and Nurturing Personal Genius

“Our inborn genius is our innate and indelible connection to the otherworld of great imagination, original thought, and endless renewal.”

– Michael Meade, ‘The Genius Myth’

This month and next marks the launch of two new, personal courses I’m leading through ‘Outschool’ is a really interesting initiative offering a wide-ranging marketplace of online classes for kids. Every weekday, kids – no matter where they live, worldwide – can choose to enroll in classes on just about anything you can imagine! ‘Comic Book Writing’, ‘Discovering Archeological Forgeries’, ‘Hands on Fun with Rational Numbers’ are but three examples of many of Outschool’s offerings. I see Outschool as being in the vanguard of a very potent kind of personalized learning, keyed to kids’ personal interests. Below are my course offerings:

i. ‘Genius Hour with Michael Maser’ on (audience = kids, 10-15 years)

This will be my first class offering in which I’ll be leading kids to discover and nurture their own genius.
I led classes of this title previously through SelfDesign Learning Community and they were a hoot.
To learn more, see ‘Genius Hour with Michael Maser

ii.  ‘DIY Not?!’ with Michael Maser, also on (audience = kids, 10-15 years)

This is a course in which I’m aiming to meet kids ‘where they’re at’ – wishing to be acknowledged for their skills and interests in woodworking, metalwork, fabric arts, jewelry making and more. I’m reasonably competent (ahem!) in these areas and know I will enjoy meeting up with kids interested in learning new skills and sharing what they know, too. To learn more about this course, see ‘DIY-Not?! with Michael Maser’.

Happy Thanksgiving,

– Michael

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