SURPASS 2012 a wonderful success

Well, SURPASS 2012 has come and gone and it was a wonderfully rich experience. Following in the steps of our previous SURPASS programs, this one offered 25 participants, 13-17 years, many opportunities to develop leadership skills in the context of wellness and intentional, positive and FUN community! It’s a really effective formula.

When I conceived of SURPASS, and offered our first program in 2007, I was confident in the approach; after leading this version (with much assistance from SelfDesign Learning Consultants Amber Santos, Jenny Groves and John Krotez), I’m convinced that SURPASS offers young people a chance to connect deeply and meaningfully with peers and adults. In SURPASS there is a blending of many elements from the insights and practices of my mentors Dr. Daniel Siegel, Dr. Lee Pulos and that certainly helps to account for its success.

Please contact me if you’d like to sponsor a SURPASS program where you live.

For more insights on SURPASS, go here:

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