Why Choose Dreaming Dragon?

Through sessions I have led and experiences I have shared with colleagues and clients, I know how human potential can remain hidden or unrealized, and that it can also be significantly enhanced. Tapping into unknown potential is life-changing and I consider the role of assisting people, young and old, in stepping into this potential as a sacred opportunity. I’m pleased to offer my services to you, your family or your organization in support of this. We are living in an era when we are called to be “all we can be” and I am ready to help you and/or a family member realize your dreams.

“And if you ask the Seer ‘why do you do it? what’s the purpose?’ the answer is ‘it’s so interesting, why not?!'” – Deepak Chopra, The Self-Actualized Person.

Why Now?

We are living in remarkably exciting times. Aided by new technologies, human knowledge is accelerating at unprecedented rates. To my perception the insights, tools and strategies to lead lives characterized by more satisfaction, more self-empowerment and more love are available and abundant. In serving you and your interests I apply myself diligently to help reveal the full exposure of your unique self, family or organization. Then, drawing on my expertise as consultant, educator, learner and researcher, I will help to customize an action plan for you.

“There’s never been a juicier time to be alive.” – Jean Houston, Life Force


Contract Dreaming Dragon and I will harness my expertise to help ensure you surpass your limitations, overcome challenges and live the life you’re dreaming of.

“Genius, in truth, means little more than the faculty of perceiving in an unhabitual way.”    – William James (pioneering psychologist)


TESTIMONIALS about Michael’s Work

The following are testimonials and feedback from some of Michael’s students and coaching/consulting clients.

Personal Mentoring

  • I want to take an opportunity to thank you for your caring support of Jeremy. I am so glad that he has wonderful people who care enough to offer wise words. He lost his way for a while, getting mired down in anger, bitterness and despair. With love from family and great friends like you, some space to think, and new options, he is once again seeing hope for himself. He is on his way to the life he dreams of. I can’t thank you enough. – Crystal, Oliver
  • I want to thank-you for influencing my son in such a positive way, we shall always be grateful for your thoughtful and informative guidance. – Kelly Rebar, Nelson
  • I want to thank you for all your help along the way! With your advice, I was able to assuage my fears and gain confidence as well. Thank you so much!  – Bianca Zamora, Surrey BC
  • Thank you Michael for being so awesome, and helping me out when I had difficulty!
  • Michael lets the young adults feel very welcome, accepted and validated.
  • On our way home my son mentioned your name several times and how you were such a great guy. The extra effort and attention you gave him definitely had a huge positive impact on him, thank you.

‘Learn Your Way’ (AKA Planning 10) course (SelfDesign High)

  • I really, really enjoyed this course. It was fun and had some really good assignments. It made me think and be creative which I really valued.
  • The whole course just flat out rocked.
  • I learned how to learn. This should be the first course and learner takes as it will help me with every course to come and in my life forever.
  • It was a great course and I really enjoyed working with everyone. I can’t describe well enough how glad I am I participated and how grateful I am to you, Michael. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

‘Personal Ecolographic Profile’ module

  • I loved how it made you describe your life and how it made you think more and notice things about yourself that you didn’t realize before.
  • I think this is an amazing exercise that could help any already reasonably self-aware person become more aware of their own health, all aspects of it!

Special Resource modules (‘Learning 1, 2, 3 …’ and ‘Testing 1, 2, 3 …’)

  • I know many will take these guidelines to heart, simply because they ring true and will serve one well throughout life, long after school and long after retirement. A wonderful study guide, especially for those of us who’ve lost faith in the learning process and ourselves. -Bianca.
  • Your work with helping to put our “testing anxieties” aside was wonderful and much appreciated.  It helped us to just focus on doing the best job possible.
  • Thanks largely to your help and supportive approach, it (testing) turned out to be a great experience that has her feeling pretty proud now. Thanks, Michael.
  • Looking back, we experienced some frustration and disappointment, but also had some feelings of success and accomplishment. This would not have been possible without your help!

Surpass Leadership Program-Camp for youth (through SelfDesign Foundation)

  • Surpass was amazingly, awesomely, epically great!!
  • The whole week was an exciting and absolutely amazing experience.
  • I enjoyed everything, there is not one experience I would wish to change
  • It was one of the most inspirational, fun weeks I’ve ever had. I enjoyed all the activities and meetings and made tons of new friends. I also tried and learned a lot of new things.